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Impotence Overcome: Medical and Physical. What a remarkable substance! Medical research has proven that it is highly effective! Even for men with either a severe physical or mental impotence. Imagine what it can do for men with the ordinary sexual decline that comes with age.

Experience has shown that it may very well give them the sexual vigor of their youth!

Medical Impotence Overcome:

Modern Medicine can often provide important life saving solutions while at the same time creating new problems. A side effect of the drugs men receive for serious heart problems is often a loss of their ability to perform sexually. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s this miracle substance was provided to a group of men who had become impotent due to drug therapy they were given for their heart condition. Amazingly all the men who took this miracle substance for one month regained their sexual vigor by the end of that month.

Long Term Physical Impotence Overcome

The most difficult form of impotence to overcome is that is due to a physical health problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure under long term drug therapy. In the 1980’s trials were conducted in Canada using a group of men who had a long history of impotence from exactly those causes. Many of them were quite old, half were diabetics and the balance had high blood pressure and other circulatory problems. In spite of such a difficult challenge medical history was made. Nearly half of these men regained at least a significant portion of their sexual ability and an amazing 26% regained 100% of their sexual powers even though all other previous medical efforts had failed to restore their potency.

Mental Impotence Overcome:

In addition to physical impotence due to mental and emotional problems associated with sex, Excited by the results of this miracle substance with physical researchers in Ontario, Canada decided to test it on men with such severe mental and emotional problems about sex that all other methods of treatment failed to solve their impotency. Once again, nearly half of all the men had significant improvement in their sexual ability with an astounding 38% enjoyed a 100% return of their youthful sexual vigor after all other previous methods had failed.

A Complete Formula of the Worlds Most Powerful Sex Builders:

Can you imagine what would happen if you combined all of these powerful and super dynamic formula! Then combine this with natural enzymes which literally guarantee that each ingredient in this powerful formula will be absorbed and utilized by the body; this is exactly what you now have in the Enhance Formula. A formula so powerful the great majority of formerly impotent men will experience erection after erection! They will achieve orgasmic pleasure such as they have never known before! It makes no difference what their age is; now they can turn back the clock and tear the years from the calendar and experience the sexual delights of their youth. If they are a younger man, the formula may give them the same potency previously reserved for the legendary lovers which have been hailed throughout history.

Please Note:  This formula should not be used with alcohol, or by persons with stomach ulcers, kidney or heart disease, or by those taking tranquilizers, or the drug Clonidine.



One Capsule supplies the following nutrients:

Muira Puma Extract………………250 mg

l-Arginine……………………..……100 mg

Yohimbine Extract..........................  25 mg

Magnesium Aspartate..................  10 mg

Vitamin E……………………...……  20 IU

Niacin…………………………..….    5 mg

Vit. B-6……………………………..    5 mg

Zinc Picolinate................................    5 mg

Exclusive Proprietary Azyme Base:

Amylase, Lipase, Diastase, Papain, Cellulase, and Bromelain.

Suggested Use:

1 Capsule 3 times daily with meals.




Member Price:

#V3040 - 90 Capsules



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